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I love to understand peoples dreams and everything they do to find the way to make your Goal come true.

I interviewed an Indian actor Kamal Khan, very passionate person that was able to share with me how he is opening doors on  the Hollywood industry using in his favor the look of Indian Persona.

CB: Kamal, you're an actor, singer and model. When did you first get into acting and what first inspired you to pursue it?

K: I always enjoyed singing since a very young age but it was not till I got cast as a lead as Tony in West Side Story in my High School in London that I truly got the bug. I loved the experience and even helping other actors and being part of a production and of course getting to sing some amazing songs. 

CB: So the modeling and acting came as a result of that, and all this was in London, England?

K: The modeling came because I got picked up by an agent that resulted in lots of print work and commercials in London. That's where I grew up so of course theatre was a big part of it. I ended up doing commercials for Ford Cars, Virgin Atlantic to name a few and then also got cast as Romeo in Romeo & Juliet in the West End Fringe. 

CB. Wow, so you've done Shakespeare on stage to TV and Film here? 

K. Yes I have and I think its good to be well rounded. Once moving to LA I continued my passion for singing and performed with a band I created where we performed regularly at the house of blues on Sunset. 

CB What kind of music did you perform? I hear you do Bollywood and Western live mashups

 K: I did a lot of mash ups of bollywood and loved doing it, fusing my ethnic East Indian Background with western songs like Elvis and others to create a unique sound with international instruments. I don't think many people were doing that so it created an eclectic sound that people loved, no matter which background you were from.


CB That's great. Did you still do acting while here too or just singing? I heard you do voiceovers now too for video games?

K. Very much so. I appeared in shows like The Bold and Beautiful, Outsourced, as well as a feature film releasing this summer. I  am currently a recurring guest star in the 2nd season of the Haunting of Hill House. I have voiced a couple of video games and the experience is fun and i get to use my vocal chops when I can:)

CB. Whats the difference with LA vs London in the acting world do you think?

K: I think its obviously different because there's so much more TV/Film here v Theatre, however there's so much talent from every part of the world here, a bigger nation and bigger productions of course. On camera is very different and you have to treat your acting as a business rather than just working on your art. I like the vibe and the positivity here too. 

CB. So whats next and what would your ideal role/gig be?

K: Well there's more music video projects and here's also TV shows that I'll hopefully be working on but as to my ideal gig, I think it would be starring in a film musical. I'll be using my singing and my acting and that would be fantastic. 

CB.Any advice for other actors?

K: Always pursue your dreams and work hard...It costs nothing to dream, but everything not to doit...

​by Carolina Brasil, Los Angeles-USA

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