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Dr. Nathan Newman: the scientist of Beauty

He knows how to make the Beauty look natural on You !(says Carolina Brasil, blogger and patient)

Carrying on a family legacy of internationally renowned physicians, Dr. Nathan Newman is a Board Certified Dermatologist, a Cosmetic Surgeon, and a pioneer in stem cell therapy and Regenerative Medicine. He is world-renowned for his ground-breaking Stem Cell Lift®, a knife-free, scar-free face lift that restores the 3-dimensional, youthful proportions of the face by restoring proper volume via injections of concentrated stem cells from the patients’ own fat.

He innovated the Stem Cell Lift nearly 20 years ago and has performed it ever since with outstanding results in many components including joint treatments, auto-immune diseases, cosmetic purposes and scar revision.

Dr. Newman is constantly striving to develop new and advanced methods of achieving natural results. He focuses on minimizing risk and achieving optimal benefits for each individual patient.

Dr. Nathan Newman was educated and trained at the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States.

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